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Europe Stocks Advance as German Investor Confidence Gains
Nov 18, 2014
The market is being pushed to levels that can only be justified by continual low interest rates.
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  • open Dear Lex, Congratulations on your course. read more close
  • Geoffrey Wong
    open I have attended both Lex's Five Step FX and Technical indicators course as I felt that there was a hole to be plugged in my trading, and I must say that Lex's course makes one slowly become more mature in their approach in trading. read more close
  • Arno Allotey
    open I would recommend this course to anyone who is oblivious about the market and wants to blossom in this industry. For the price that the Academy offers it is a must buy! read more close
  • Cigdem Kemal
    open Thanks to Lex and his dedicated team, I am happy to say that I have gained another sight on this glorifying yet complicated financial world! read more close
  • Huw Roberts
    open Having done a few other online and offline trading courses previously, I was pleasantly surprised by the simple, straightforward, no nonsense approach that told me what I wanted to know ... read more close
  • Vishal R. Nanwani
    open Lex is a perfect mentor for anyone with an interest in trading. read more close
  • Francis Chigozie
    open I would like to say that the Lex van Dam 5-Step-Trading® course is amazing. read more close
  • Shyam Vyas
    open I have attended many market based training to learn to trade but the Lex van Dam Trading Academy has to be the best so far. read more close
  • Nebojsa Vidic
    open I was trading for a couple of years, passing through many different systems and following many teachers, until I found out that there is no magic wand and no holy grail. read more close
  • Oksana Pirozenko
    open I enjoyed reading the book How to Make Money Trading: Everything You Need to Know to Control Your Financial Future. read more close
  • Martijn Luijckx
    open I know Lex van Dam is a very inspiring professional trader. read more close
  • Julius Lizunas
    open Having seen many courses promising guaranteed success in the market, those by Lex van Dam have left a very good impression as, in fact, there are no ‘get-rich-quick’ promises here! read more close
  • Mohamed Latif
    open Lex van Dam Trading Academy teaches you the fundamentals of trading. read more close
  • T.P.
    open I find the 5 Step Trading course very informative and insightful. Complex Trading principles are illustrated using simple language. read more close
  • V.S.
    open As a novice investor, I have traded with less than successful outcomes in 2008. After watching the online seminars, I gained useful insight into many of my errors. read more close
  • Nelson T.
    open I very much appreciate your help and I look forward to recommending you to my local dental society club meetings. read more close
  • Henry B.
    open I'm an experienced trader and I found the course really good to watch. read more close
  • Christopher H.
    open You're a great man! I've watched some of the videos and they're full of information. read more close
  • S.V.
    open The five step trading course is concise, easy to understand and most definitely practical for trading the markets. read more close
  • Muriel K
    open I have been very favorably impressed with your knowledge, approach and presentation. read more close
  • V. Dorosevits
    open It was extremely helpful. read more close
  • Trushar Patel
    open "I find the 5 Step Trading course very informative and insightful. read more close
  • Sachin Kotecha
    open "How to Make Money Trading: Everything You Need to Know to Control Your Financial Future" book review read more close
  • Geoffrey
    open "The video series really opens trading up for me... read more close
  • Ernesto Poblacion
    open I've done some reading in the Academy and believe Lex covers some very good information when it comes to trading. read more close
  • Tommi
    open I must say that both courses 5-Step-Trading® for FX and Lex's Favorite Technical Trading Strategies for FX are brilliant. read more close
  • Patrick Jackson
    open I did enjoy the 5-Step-Trading® course and plan to revisit the course in the next few days. read more close
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